TANGapp Brand & Visual Identity System
#Brand design #Visual Design #Creative direction #Illustration
Adobe Illustrator, Figma
My role(s)
Marketing lead, brand design, mascot design
Rebecca Kersch (CEO), Louis Tanghal (illustration), Rhea Caparas (social media)
library_books Background
TANGapp is an early-stage fintech startup building a mobile app for easy and accessible international money transfers, starting with US-Philippines payment rails. As marketing lead, I directed our small-but-agile team to develop a fun, friendly, and trustworthy brand identity that appeals to TANGapp's target audience of Filipino diasporic communities.
flag Challenges
Despite being early-stage, there was previous product branding to take into account so as to be considerate of current users. Cohesion with the UI design of the mobile app also needed to be top-of-mind. Additionally, some branding decisions would need to involve a variety of key stakeholders (the CEO, the engineers, the product team, the compliance team, etc.). Last but not least, this all needed to done on a lean early-stage startup budget.
auto_awesome Takeaways
This was a great opportunity to take on a truly cross-functional project and collaborate with decision makers from across the company. In the end, we were able to consolidate opinions and make key decisions by keeping the target user at the center of everything.