TANGapp Website & Social Media
#Web design #Motion design #Creative direction #Social
Webflow, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, After Effects
My role(s)
Marketing lead, creative direction, web design, motion design
Louis Tanghal (illustration + graphic design), Rhea Caparas (social media + copywriting)
library_books Background
In tandem with developing TANGapp's brand identity, I led our marketing team as we worked to apply the new design guidelines to the brand's website and social media channels.
flag Challenges
As a new brand, one concern was how to communicate our product value to an audience possessing varying levels of familiarity with mobile fintech. Keeping this in mind was key in making the website an effective introduction to our product.

We also needed to maintain an authentic voice when referencing Filipino culture and diasporic experiences. This was especially important when drafting our social media copy and video scripts.
auto_awesome Takeaways
This project was an opportunity to provide effective creative direction while balancing important outside perspectives, namely that of my team members who were based in the Philippines and provided invaluable cultural insight.