Harvard Student Agencies
#Brand design #Web design #Graphic design #Photography #Illustration
2017 - 2021
Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, Webflow, Shopify
My role(s)
Creative designer, creative director, CMO
library_books Background
Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) is headquartered at Harvard University and is the world’s largest student-run company. Its 12 divisions span B2B and B2C industries (including retail and education) and see a combined $8M in annual revenue. Past clients of HSA's marketing agency include brands such as Lyft, Bumble, and Red Bull.

I first joined as a creative designer in my freshman year at Harvard, and in the following years I went on to serve as the creative director and subsequently the CMO. Below is a selection of projects I worked on during my time with the company.